Santa Cruz, CA

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The trip from Carmel-on-the-River to Santa Cruz was short. We planned on returning by car to the Monterey peninsula, but the traffic was ridiculous.

We drove around and looked as some of the sights in Santa Cruz. Nothing very different here!

The afternoon before we left, we drove north on Highway 1 and broke out of the fog. So we were able to see the ocean and some of the people playing in it.

Wherever there was a access to the beach all parking spots were taken.
Here is one spot where we did find a place to park and also had a very good view.

We parked next to the beach thinking we would take out the lounge chairs and relax. But, it was too windy and cold. Mom wants her Melbourne Beach!

Most everyone playing in the surf uses wet suits.
Here you can see wind surfers and wind sails.

This fellow kept flipping 360 without falling.

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