Folsom, CA

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Two years ago we went on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii and we met a very special couple from Folsom. Fred and Pat kept in touch over e-mail which gave us the opportunity to visit them.

Fred is a building contractor who has been living in Folsom since 1927. He has designed, built and remodeled many houses, developments, and apartments. He also designs and builds many projects as a hobby. The front of their home (you will see in the picture) he modeled after his father's home in Italy. After a trip to Europe he brought back specifications for a Roman aqueduct. He built the aqueduct in their yard to one eight scale of the Pont du Guarde. The Roman Ruin Wall and Clock Tower in front garden were also inspired. He would like his next "project" to be the Eiffel Tower!... or maybe the Coliseum!

They gave us an interesting tour of Folsom. One of the spots we stopped at was Folsom Prison, where we toured the Prison Museum. They have a wall of homemade weapons which were taken away from prisoners over the years. It makes one not want to be a correctional officer. When we were leaving, we stopped to watch them unload and frisk a bus load of prisoners. It makes one not want to be a prisoner.

When we left Pat & Fred they loaded us up with home grown plums, peaches, and tomatoes. The plums and peaches are very sweet and juicy. The tomatoes taste great (as you know I do not care for tomatoes, but I really like these!)

While in Folsom we had two problems with the motorhome. I had to replace the starter relay. I was able to get the part from the local Ford dealer and it went in fairly easily. Then the hot water tank nylon drain plug started leaking. When I went to tighten it, it broke off. That took much more time to repair. Fortunately, Fred made me a tool which we thought would remove the broken plug. It did not work, but what it did do was allow me to slowly wear the plug down to where it could be removed with a knife. I carry a spare plug and was able to replace it. Everything is working fine now (knock on wood!).

Meeting Pat and Fred in their front yard.

Fred built his house. Instead of a driveway, he built this clock.

Another project is this Roman wall. Behind it and to the left is his design room which contains a drawing table which he has used to design many houses.

This is Fred's pride and joy. It is a 1/8 scale reproduction of the top two thirds of the aqueduct. Volkswagen uses the real aqueduct in their Beetle ad.
Notice the water comming out of the top? It really works!

Fred and Pat with Mary, one of their daughters, and her husband Terry. We had an interesting evening with them. Mary works in Information Technology for the State of California and Terry owns a commercial fishing boat.

Pat and Fred have a very beautiful and different home. Fred did a great job designing, building and finishing and Pat did great on furnishing it.
They gave us the $10 tour. (Terry left early so we did not have to pay!) They showed us where they entertain their friends. (We were only allowed to look in from the hallway.) It was like touring a museum.
Fred & I are getting on the elevator to go up to the second floor.

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