San Francisco, CA

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Well here we are at San Francisco. If you were paying attention to our itinerary, you would notice that we were not suppose to stop in San Francisco.
This is our third addition to the itinerary. We added 2 nights in Houston, 2 nights in Albuquerque, and now 3 nights in San Francisco.

As usual, we are taking many more pictures than we can put on the WebSite. However, it gives us a chance to be very selective.

Because of the mountains, our cell phone would not work at the last two campgrounds. So it is hard updating the WebSite or getting e-mails.
Also, there is no modem connection at the smaller campgrounds either.

This is the lighthouse at Point Reyes National Seashore.
The lighthouse is down 320 steps from the top of the point.
It was placed there to be under the normal fog layer.
We just looked down from the top. It was very cold and windy.

As I said before, it is cold and windy. Here Mom is getting a lift over the top by the wind. We are on a hike to another overlook to view the sea lions below.

We are in the Vista Dome Car of the "Wine Train" in the Napa Valley. It was a 2.5 hour trip through the vineyards and past many wineries. We sat with Wanda and Charles from the local area and had a great time.
There was a guest vintner on board who talked about his winery and chose the wines for our meal. We learned about wine and had a delicious gourmet four course meal, each with a special wine. One of the courses was Sea Scallops. I was waiting for Mom to give it to me, but she ate it all by her self! and liked it! Now she wants to make it at home! I'm blessed!

We went to Muir Woods National Monument. The pictures look like just a bunch of trees. But they were very tall Coastal Redwoods.

As you can see, the Golden Gate is just under the weather!

We took the time to walk part way out on the bridge.

After eating a late lunch at Fisherman's Wharf, we went to the "Top of the Mark" for a drink. Most tables in the lounge were full and we were invited to share this table by Norma and Jerry from Sacramento. Actually they are from Dallas and moved to Sacramento 3 years ago.
We had a great time talking about Texas, San Francisco, Sacramento, our trip and both families. They gave us recommendations for places to visit up the coast.

We gave them the address. Thanks for the drink Jerry!

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