Myers Flat, CA

Homboldt Redwood State Park

Part 1

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There are two types of Redwoods. The Coast Redwoods and the Giant Sequoia.

The Giant Sequoia grows only in the Sierra Nevada mountians, which is in the center of California. They live for over 3000 years and can grow to 40 feet in diameter and 311 feet high. We visited them in Sequoia National Park in 1975.

The Coast Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) grows in a very narrow strip along the coast from about San Francisco to southwestern Oregon. They only live for 2000 years and only grow to 22 feet in diameter. But grow to 370 feet in height. They are the tallest living thing in the world.

The Coast Redwoods can be seen in several State and National Parks. We saw some in Muir Woods National National Monument while at San Francisco.

Homboldt Redwood State Park has a large collection of very tall trees. It has a great road for viewing them from the car, THE AVENUE OF THE GIANTS. We took many beautiful hiking trails along the way. It was very cool, damp, quiet and SO awesome.

The lumber industry was in the process of cutting all of the redwoods down in the late 1800's and many groups were formed to stop them. If it was not for these groups the redwoods would not be here now. Many sections are named in their honor.

We had a campsite midway in the forest at a town called Myers Flat.

This is "The Avenue of the Giants." It is the old US highway 101.
The road is one lane in each direction and at times is very narrow due to the trees growing right next to it.

We stopped at many locations to walk in the woods. I climbed up the side of a hill to picture Mom (that pint dot at the trees base) standing alongside one of the trees.

This is one of the many trails we walked on.

This is what Mom was looking at.

This grove and trail was named in honor of the Founders of the "Save the Redwoods" movement. This is not the tallest tree in the park.
The tallest is 363 feet high and 17 feet in diameter.

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