Myers Flat, CA

Homboldt Redwood State Park

Part 3

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There were many side roads off of The Avenue of the Giants. Some paved and some dirt. Most were only one lane wide. Which meant that you had to backup to a spot where two cars could pass, when another car came from the other direction.

One of the side roads we came across a group of Northern California Antique Car Club. I took a lot of pictures but only included two on the web site.

We also went out for dinner to a restaurant in a commercial fishing harbor.

One of the many side roads.

This is an old Bentley. Not sure what year. None of the cars were identified.

This is a 12 cylinder Pierce roadster.

This is an 8 foot high bronze statue of a fisherman and his boat. I superimposed a picture of the monument across from it. It is a monument to the fisherman from this harbor who lost their lives. The names with a star indicate those who were never recovered. On the front there are 20 names with 13 of them not being recovered. There were 115 names which covered all four sides.

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