Crescent City, CA

Redwood State and National Parks

Part 1

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The Coast Redwood has a small cone (about the size of a medium black olive) which contains very small seeds. Very few of those seeds germinate. The older trees develop a ring around their base which new trees start to grow. The new trees use the roots of the parent tree as they develop their own roots. The parent tree eventually dies which leaves a ring of trees around a stump. The majority of trees in the forest are a result of these rings.

This campground (Ramblin Rose RV Park) is located in an area where the redwoods were cut down many years ago.
These are young redwoods all around the motorhome.

This ring is located in the campground across from our site.
The ring contains 9 trees and a stump in the middle.

This is one of the many trails we walked on.

Mom is standing on one of the stumps.
Probably over 100 people could stand on this stump.

One of the fallen trees. Can you see Mom about halfway down the trunk?
I paced this one off at about 240 feet to where tip of the trunk broke off.
I am standing near the roots of the fallen tree.

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