Crater Lake, OR

Part 1

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The trip to Crater Lake from Crescent City was very interesting. While we were at the Redwoods information center, a couple came in and said that they just arrived from Crater Lake. While at Crater Lake, there was so much smoke from the Oregon forest fires that they could not see the water from the rim around the crater.

While we were driving from Crescent City to Crater Lake we passed a fire which became very large and caused the later closure of the highway (route 199) which we were on.

We camped a Diamond Lake RV Resort which was located in Diamond Lake, California. It was about 20 minutes from the rim drive of Crater Lake.

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and the seventh deepest in the world. It has no river input or output. The only input is snow and rain. The only output is seepage. Because of that, the water is crystal clear and it's color is very blue. Divers see the sunlight at 280 feet.

This was the view from the highway going between Crescent City, CA and Diamond Lake, OR. The fire was just on the other side of the mountain.
Four days later, this highway was closed. The fire combined with one which was burning to the north and caused a 30 mile long fire line.

As we continued on up into the mountains, the smoke kept getting worse. After we took this picture it really started getting bad. I started looking for a place to turn around, but could not find one. (Towing a car will not allow us to back up with out disconnecting.)

We continued on and passed over the summit at 5487 feet. At that point, the smoke stayed behind us and it was clear in front.

There were many pockets of snow around the crator.

One of the many great views from the rim. The lake is 20 square miles. The rim dive has many hiking trails and vistas. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive around the rim.

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