Crater Lake, OR

Part 2

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Our first two days at Crater Lake were great. It was crystal clear and we could see the smoke from the fires in southern Oregon about 10 miles south of us. The wind was blowing south west.
We hiked many trails and even took the time to lay on a blanket collecting sun rays while overlooking the lake.

On the third day the wind direction change while we were at the rim listening to a ranger talk about the origin of Crater Lake. It started blowing north east and right at Crater Lake.

It got so bad that you could not see the lake below the rim. We felt sorry for the people who drove to Crater Lake that day for a day trip and could not see the lake. We thankful for us having two good days.

The lake surface elevation is 6,173 feet above sea level. The highest point on the rim is 8,929 feet. There is an average of 44 feet of snow fall each year and 60 inches or rain. That's what keeps the lake at it's present level. As we look around the lake we can see pockets of snow along the edges. And this is the end of July!

One of the many trails which we had the opportunity to visit.

You can see the color of the water and also the little cruise boat (that white dot) which tours the lake. The lake is over 1000 feet below the rim at this point.

There are many pockets of snow around the crater. That island (Wizard Island) is actually a the remains of a small volcano which happened many years after the major eruption.
The wind direction has changed and the smoke from the southern fires is starting to arrive at the crater.

The smoke is getting worse and is covering the whole crater.

The smoke is now down into the crater.
If you look closely, you can see Wizard Island behind me.

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