Mountain Fishing

Diamond Lake RV Campground

Diamond Lake, OR

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To pass time while not hiking or viewing Crater Lake, I tried fishing.
Because I did not bring the proper equipment, I had to make do with what was in the motorhome.
I used the awning pull rod, and nylon cord for the fishing rod. A pretzel for bait.

Boy, this is boring! Not even a nibble!
I wonder how long Kenny waits before moving to a new loacation?

I got a nibble. I wonder when I should set the pretzel?

He is pulling on the bait. I think it is time to yank the rod and set the pretzel.

This guy is a fighter!
You did not see it, but he slid on his hind feet while I pulled him about 3 feet.

He will not let go of the pretzel and is actually swinging in the air.
Along comes another chipmunk and jumped on. I gave up and surrendered the pretzels. While my back was turned, Mom was eating the bait.

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