Coos Bay, OR

Part 1

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After leaving Crater Lake we spent 3 nights in Eugene, Oregon. While in Eugene we took time just to relax. We did take a factory tour of the Monaco Motorhome production line. Since we left on our trip we have noticed the Monaco motorhome and even looked at several used ones. (We all have dreams!)

The tour of the production line was very interesting. We were not allowed to take pictures. We toured the production of the Diesel Monaco Knight. That is the model which we have been looking at. We watched them make the Roadmaster chassis from scratch. Then watched them making the floor, walls, wiring harnesses, cabinets, and ceiling. Looked at the rain test which each coach goes through. Viewed the results of the QC inspections and the details which they review.

We hope to stop at another vendors factory to compare processes.

We left Eugene and headed for the coast and stopped at Coos Bay, Oregon to continue our trip up the coast. This part of the coast is very unique. There is a sand dune strip about 2-3 miles wide and about 40 miles long. It's called the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area. The week we were there happened to be Sand Race Week. There were dune buggies, dirt bikes, and jeeps all over the place. Highway 101 parallels the dunes, and whenever we were on it we could see the buggies all over the dunes.

These dunes make the Cape Hatteras dunes look like a small sand trap!

We visited John and Sharon Zeggert. John and I worked to gether for many years at Court Street. He went to Oregon with OTH and stayed there when the site was closed. John and I talked for a long time about old times. He was very interested in who was still around in Syracuse.

We hit it lucky today, the fog is not here. We saw many beautiful views along the Oregon coast. Here is just one of them.

Down below was a small group of Sea Lions barking like mad.

We had a good time visiting John and Sharon and their son JP. They are in the process of moving to a new home up the coast. They are leaving a very beatuiful location. This picture is taken on a very large deck on the back of their house. They have a boat house, dock, and swiming area down below.

Sharon has beatuiful flowers all over the place.
I guess she will have to start all over again at their new location.

John is trying to sell his boat. Anyone interested?

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