Coos Bay, OR

Part 2

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While in Eugene Mom read about a square rigged tall ship which was traveling from San Francisco to Seattle to enter a west coast race. It was stopping in Coos Bay for two days and On the second day it was offering a three hour cruise around Coos Bay.
Mom was able to get tickets for the morning cruise. At that time we thought it would be better on the afternoon cruise. As it turned out, the morning cruise had a nice and steady breeze. The afternoon had strong winds and gusts and very cold.

The cruise was a lot of fun and very interesting. We watched the crew rig the sails and continuously trim them as it tacked around the bay.

John and Sharon took us to a Elk viewing site. While there we noticed a line of blackberry patches between the viewing road and the meadow where the elk were grazing. We went back the next day and while we were picking blackberries the elk came over to watch us.

This is a picture I took of the sailboat when it was just starting the afternoon cruise. The square sails have not yet been rigged.

We just got onboard and are waiting at the dock for others to board.

Helping rig the square sails.

Mom is picking blackberries and the elk are grazing in the background.
The berries were big, juicy, and very tasty.

I called out "Kenny Bertsch" and these guys looked up and were very nervous.

Actually, about six elk slowly walked over to see what we were doing.
I guess they are use to people and cars on the road,
but are not use to seeing someone picking berries.

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