Coos Bay, OR

Part 3

Oregon Dunes Recreational Area

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Mom did not want to leave the area until we hiked on the Dunes.

We hiked the Eel Creek trail. It started on highway 101 and went to the ocean.
It started by winding through some woods and a campground then headed toward the ocean. When we broke out of the woods there were large sand dunes. The trail sign indicated that it was 2.5 miles to the beach. That was puzzling, when does the sand stop and the beach start?
We only hiked about 1/2 mile into the dunes and then turned around. The sand was hot. I hiked to the top of one of the dunes to take some pictures. Unfortunately, I still can't set the camera up for sand and snow shots. The camera's auto functions cause it to close the aperture too far. So most of the pictures are under exposed.

This part of Oregon Dunes is only used for hiking. There are no dune buggies or dirt bikes allowed.

We are just leaving the woods and heading over the sand dunes toward the ocean.
At this point the sand feels good. Later the sand really got hot.

I'm on top of one of the dunes. (About 80 feet above the trail.)
You can see the ocean about 2 miles away.
There are three specs on the left side of the picture. Those are three hikers who passed us on their way to the ocean.

We are on the way off of the sand and back into the woods.
You can't tell from the picture but Mom just finished climbing a dune.
The trees in the background are actually in a valley between dunes.
You can see the top of one dune behind the trees.

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