Newport, OR

Part 1

Outdoor Resorts Pacific Shores

Motor Coach Resort

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So far this trip, the three best campgrounds have been Outdoor Resorts (Palm Springs, CA; Melbourne Beach, FL; and Pacific Shores, OR.) They each have something oustanding.

All three are condominium type properties. Each site is privately owned and the owner rents it out when they are not using it.

They are well maintained and manicured.

This is our site. You can see the fog bank slowly approaching.

This is the view from inside the motorhome.

We had just a couple of days like this. Most of the days it was too windy and cold to lay out and collect rays. This day was almost perfect.

Our back yard. The lighthouse is in the background.
You can see the path which winds its way down to the beach.

Most days the fog would drift in around 1 PM and burn off around 4 PM.
When it did burn off, we had very colorful sunsets.

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