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Part 2

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We had the opportunity to tour a Marathon Prevost Coach in the resort.
This 45 foot motorhome has everything power on it that you can imagine. Internal pocket doors, which separate rooms, are push button controlled. Even the sewer drain hose unwinds and winds at the push of a button. It has electrical control panels all over the place. There is a control panel beside each chair and couch, one in the bathroom and one on each side of the bed. They control the lights, mood lights, shades, temperature, and even the doors. There is even a water control panel outside which can control water off/on to any water outlet. A 42" flat panel HDTV which retracts into the ceiling. Satellite TV and GPS receivers. The outside storage compartment doors open and close with a push button. One control panel closed the room darkening curtains, all at once or one at a time.

It had about 15 remote control devices in one drawer. (There was a wine and cheese reception in the resort clubhouse so you could talk with site owners and people wandered out to look at this motorcoach. I was talking to a lady while we were walking through and she was standing there when I opened the drawer with all the remotes in it. She said what did I think of that-I said I had enough problems working our TV remote and that I thought they probably didn't all belong to the coach-it was just a storage drawer or something. She said-Oh no-we have a Marathon Prevost and they all go with the coach-but they narrowed it down so they only had to use 3 and labeled all the buttons. Then we opened the next "drawer" and it was a dishwasher! She said Oh I don't have one of those'. So much for 'rubbing elbows'!! Mom) It even had a dishwasher and a refrigerator which is bigger than the one we have at home. And, it has the ice and cold water access in the door. It's powered with a 500 HP diesel motor.

There are awnings on both sides (two awnings on each side which cover the full length of the coach) which open with a push of the button. They also have a wind monitor which will close the awnings if the wind velocity gets too high.

The motorhome lists for $1,331,529.89. But I'm sure that they would be willing to deal! There are about 10 of these Prevost motorhomes in the resort (privately owned) at this time. Most of the other motorhomes are only worth about $300,000. Being in a true resort makes us the cheapest motorhome in the resort. However, we have the best site!

This lighthouse was about 1/2 mile from the campground.

The campground had a path which zig zagged down to the beach.
We had a nice walk on the beach looking for shells which were not there.

Here comes the fog! The sun is very bright.

Mom is waiting for the sunset.
Notice all the big motorhomes in the background?
The first one is one of the million dollar units.

This owner has a glass wind shield around the patio and motorhome.
Yes, that's a Prevost (million dollar) motorhome.

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