Newport, OR

Part 3

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We had a good time driving around and looking at the sights.
Each of the beaches seemed to have something unique.

We have also found some very nice local restaurants.
Mom is getting her fill of seafood.

Also, the fog which comes in off the ocean is not called fog on the west coast.
It is the "Marine Layer."

This is in the Newport Harbor.
The sea lions like to rest in the sun on the unused docks.
We paid $7 each to see the sea lions in a cave on the way to Newport.
Here we get to see them for free!
The bridge in the background carries US 101 over the harbor.
The fog (marine layer) is coming in and will be hiding the bridge.

This sea lion skeleton is located in the sea lion cave.
Notice the bones in the flippers.

This sand dune is located in Pacific Beach, Oregon.
Notice the kids sledding down the sand?

We had an interesting tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

All along the Oregon coast there are rocks which seem to be misplaced.
They are called Seastacks.

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