Olympic Peninsula - Part 1

Forks, WA

The Beaches

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Highway 101 continues on the coast, from Oregon and up the west side of the Olympic peninsula, around the north side and then back down the east side of the peninsula.

We stopped in Forks, WA for three nights to explore the west coast of the Peninsula. The major industry in this part of the country is logging and lumber mills. Every where you go, there are trucks hauling logs, wood chips or lumber.

The country side contains many areas which have been cut and various stages of new growth. Signs along side the road identify when the plot was cut, replanted, thinned, and when it will be cut again.
More about this in Olympic Peninsula Parts 2 and 3.

There are many beaches along the west side. Unfortunately, most days there is much fog and rain. That is the reason the logging business is so good. The trees just love the weather! We lucked out, no rain and only one day of fog and cold wind!

We hiked in a rain forest and on several beaches.

We are hiking on Rialto Beach. It is cold and very windy.
The beach has water logged logs and tree stumps all over.
There are suppose to be several seastacks somewhere out in the fog!

It's alot harder to walk on this beach than the one at Melbourne!

This was about half the size of the biggest log, but it was convenient.
I guess you have to build rockcastles here instead of sandcastles.

No fog today! Now we are at Ruby Beach.
It has the same make-up of rocks and logs.

It was very pleasant sitting out in the sun and watching the waves.
There were children playing in the (cold) surf.

Cape Flattery, WA. The most north-west point in the lower 48 states.
That's the Pacific Ocean.

Cape Flattery, WA.
To the left of the island with the lighthouse is the Pacific Ocean.
To the right of the island is the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Beyond the Straits is Vancover Island, Canada.

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