Bounder Repair

Sequim, WA

Eric's RV Performance Center

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Before we left Sequim, we had to get the Bounder repaired.

When we left home we had a minor exhaust leak around the manifold. I crawled under and could not see anything, so I decided to start the trip and wait until it got worse.

Well, it started getting louder so we had it looked at in Sequim. It was at a RV repair shop which I read about in Motorhome Magazine, as to giving great service at a reasonable cost. It turned out to be a cracked Manifold. They had extras laying around because they put performance exhaust systems on motorhomes and keep the stock equipment for repair work like mine.

After the manifold replacement, I asked the mechanic to look everything else over. He found a leaking rear shock. I had them put two Bilstien shocks on the rear and did it improve the handling! Now I'm sorry I did not replace the two front shocks with Bilstien also. I read a lot about them before our trip and almost had them installed in Syracuse.

All of the work on the manifold was done from under the wheel well.

You can see the crack.
Mom was trying to blame it on Bresee!
But the mechanic said that this is common for large motor Fords and Chevy's in cold climates. The motor and manifold expand at different rates due to temperature.

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