Seattle, WA - Part 1

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We left Sequim and moved to the KOA at Seattle, which was just a typical campground, so we will spare you the pictures. We arrived earlier than planned so we headed for mount Rainier NP. See Seattle Part 2.

Pat and Ben came to Seattle the next day and took us on a whirl wind tour of the city.

We toured the Boeing 747 airplane assembly plant in Everett, WA. The assembly building is the largest volume building in the world. They assemble all of Boeing's planes which contain two isles. The smaller single isle planes are assembled in Seattle. They would not let us take pictures!

We took a tram to see an Imax 3D presentation of "Space Station" at the Boeing Theater in the Pacific Science Center. It was about the building of the Space Station and showed actual movies from outer space. Very interesting!

We then took the trolley to the other end of downtown for a trip up to the Smith tower's observation deck for a look at Seattle from up above. We ended the city tour by driving to Boeings Museum of Flight.

One thing which really stands out, all over this part of the state, is the number of drive in/through coffee bars. They are located in almost every parking lot. Coffee shops are on every street corner.

We should have planned for more days here. Too much to see and eat. One of the things we missed was Dungeness Crab. While in Oregon or on the Washington coast, it was either out of season or not on the menu. We only saw it one time on the menu and decided to wait until the next time, we never saw it again! Now we have to wait for the Lock restaurant in Fulton, NY.

Part of the 1000 steps to Carloyn & Patrick's house.

Getting ready for dinner with Ben, Pat, Carloyn, Emily, and Patrick.

On top of Smith Tower.

Touring Pike Place. It's just like Quency Market in Boston, only smaller.
But this is where they throw the fish.

We had an early dinner here at the Pink Door.
Unfortunately, the view of the harbor in the background is washed out.

Mom trying to land on the spacestation at Boeings Museum of Flight.

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