North Cascades National Park

Marblemount, WA

On the North Cascades Loop

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The North Cascades National Park is North East of Seattle. There is one highway (North Cascades Scenic Highway, which is closed in winter) which passes from east to west through the center of the park. Our plan was to camp at the west entrance to the park and sightsee with the Saturn. Then return to Interstate 5 and head for Canada. The summit on that road is at 4,855 feet.

While driving around and seeing the mountains with blue-green lakes and glaciers we decided to drive the motorhome all the way through the park. The national Park is on the west side of the Cascade Range and is very green because of the high rainfall. The mountains on the eastern side receive very little rain. We wanted to see both.

As usual, we took many more pictures then we are showing here. Many of the mountains, lakes and glaciers look alike.

The North Cascades Loop winds through the mountains and valleys for 423 miles. We only went on the western, northern, and part of the eastern sections. That was a total of 274 miles.

Ruby Lake. One of the many blue-green lakes and mountains with glaciers.

Looking through the rangers telescope.
There are four mountain climbers on the side of the mountain.
They are in the process of climbing out from under a horizontal ledge.

Resting on one of the many trails.

The views were just great.

That is the road we are on with the motorhome.
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