Glacier National Park

British Columbia (BC), Canada

On the Trans Canadian Highway

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We left Chelan, WA and headed north to the Trans Canadian Highway, (Canadian Highway 1). We camped one night in Mara, BC before reaching highway 1.

The highways in Canada are mainly just two lanes, with passing lanes every so often. And they pass through the center of cities and villages, which makes for slow progress. The average speed limit on the open road is 50 MPH. On divided sections, when there is one, it increases to 63 MPH.

We headed east on highway 1, and guess what?
We passed over the Columbia River again!

Heading east on highway 1 takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery. We liked the North Cascades, but this is even better. Mile for mile, the drive through Canada's Glacier National Park is by far the best we have seen yet.

I now wish I would have brought my video camera. Still shots cannot capture the broad expanse of the area. All 360 degrees is awesome.

Rogers Pass is 4,322 feet and almost in the center of the national park.

After leaving Glacier NP, guess what? We passed over the Columbia River again! That river winds its way all over the place. But now there is a lot of silt from the glacier runoff. The river will clean it self before it reaches Washington State.

We camped one night in Golden, BC. and continued on to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. But before we arrived at Lake Louise we had to drive over Kicking Horse Pass at 5,346 feet.

Mom took this picture through the windshield as we approached Rogers Pass.
I had to edit the bugs off!

Rogers Pass
This is a monument for all of the Canadian Provinces and Territories.
It is dedicating the Trans Canadian Highway.
The monument has the seal of each Province and Territory.
This is the view looking east.

This is the view looking west (and into the sun) from Rogers Pass.
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