Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

Part 1

Lake Louise Campground

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The layout of the Lake Louise campground is unique. We only have electrical hookups, and they are on the wrong side of the site. We have to run the cable under the motorhome and connect on the patio side. We have been having a good time watching people try to park and hookup the electric. It was real easy to throw the cable under and almost out from under the motorhome. Some try to stretch the cable around and come up about 2 feet short. Then stand there and wonder what they should do. Some turn the camper around and face away from the patio. One couple crawled half way under from each side to hand the cable over.

Mom took a little while finding the "just right" camp site this time. You guys will remember that from the past. This was the first time on this trip. The campground is divided by the Bow River. The river starts at the Bow Glacier then to Bow Lake then to the Bow River. As it travels down the valley it has many glacier fed rivers and creeks adding to it. As it flows through the campground it is very fast and you can hear it when we are inside the motorhome.

The river is about 30 yards behind our site. There is a path and nature trail along the river. One of the entrances to the nature trail is behind our site and feels that we have our own private riverfront.

Due to the bear problem, no tent or soft sided camping is allowed this year. So only half of the campground is being used.

There are also very good campfire presentations every night. The park rangers put on a performance to explain things about the bears or water. They sing and dance and impersonate to get the point across.

This is a pull through site. The river is just behind the trees.

Our "private riverfront" where we spent several evenings basking in the warm sun and eating munchies. Looking up river.

Looking down river.

Mom trying to talk to a Clark's Nutcracker.
They are all over the place looking for handouts.

We were on the nature trail and decided to walk along the rivers edge.
Mom is laughing because she almost fell in!
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