Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

Part 2

Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

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We drove around and looked at various lakes. Lake Louise is by far the most famous and consequently, the most developed. They were all glacier fed, very blue-green and with snow capped mountains all around.

There were also many trails to hike on. Except this year, because of the bear problem, there are some new rules for the wilderness trails. You must hike in a group of six or more. And the group must stay together. Some trails were closed and given over to the bears to use.

The green-blue color of the glacier lakes is caused by the rock flour particles which are suspended in the water. The glaciers, as they move over rocks, grind the rocks and create rock flour. The water which drains from the base of the glacier carries silt and rock flour. The silt which looks grey slowly settles to the bottom of slow moving streams and lakes. The rock flour is lighter and seems to stay suspended in the water. The rock flour in the water absorbs all of the colors of light except for greens and blues. When the sun shines on the lakes the greens and blues are reflected.

We have been bragging about not having rain on our trip. Since we left on May 4, the only rain we had was in New Orleans. It rained (sprinkled) about 2 hours one night and a heavy down pour for about 45 minutes one afternoon.
That is until Lake Louise! We had two days and nights of off and on cold rain. And ever since, it looks like rain every day, but holds off with just minor dripping.

Lake Louise as viewed from the Chateau Lake Louise.
There are canoes on the lake.

We took the trail around to the far side of Lake Louise.
This is the view looking back at the Chateau.
Notice the gracier stream feeding the lake in the bottom of the picture.

A better view of the Chateau.

On the way around the lake, we kept passing rock climbers.
Here is one of the many pictures which I took.

Moraine Lake
After awhile they all start looking alike!

The Moraine Lake water is cold!

Having dinner the last night at the Chateau Lake Louise.
The food and view were both great. We watched the setting sun over the mountain. The camera did not pickup the icecap on the mountain!
Although we are not staying at the great hotels and lodges in the national parks, we are trying to have a dinner at each.
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