Jasper National Park

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Whistlers Campground

Part 2

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We did a lot of driving and hiking in the Jasper area. Many of the lakes and trails were very much like those in the Lake Louise area. But each one is still very striking. Pictures do not show all that there is to see!

We saw many animals in the campground and on the road. We are showing some of them in Part 3.

We put over 8,000 miles on the motorhome and over 5,000 miles on the car so far.
We have really been driving around and looking at the sights at each location!
Medicine Lake.
This is a very intriguing lake. Due to a unique underground drainage system, the water level of the lake varies from season to season...sometimes it actually disappears! The indians did not understand this--they thought spirits inhabited the lake and when they were mad the lake would go away.

Maligne Lake.
This is a 29 mile long lake. It actually snakes around some of the mountains in the distance. There are boat trips on the lake which go almost to the end.
The lake is fed from the glaciers one the mountains located on both sides of the lake.

I was sitting on a bench at the visitors center at Maligne Lake waiting for Mom and noticed the flowers in front of me. Had to take a picture.

We are on the way back to Jasper from Maligen Lake. The mountains here look like razor sharp ridges. The color is also different. You can see Medicine Lake at the foot of the mountain in the center of the picture. The road will snake around the right side of the lake. We saw a lot of wildlife on this road.
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