Banff National Park

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff Campground

Part 1

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We left Jasper and headed south to Banff on the Icefield Parkway. This was the third trip on the parkway. It is interesting and different each time.

Banff is a lot different than Lake Louise or Jasper. It was like leaving the wilderness and arriving in civilization. Banff is very commercialized and much larger.

We did see some wildlife here. The golf course is a collecting point for the Elk. I'm not sure how you play golf and watch out for the Elk. Especially the ones with the huge racks! I think the golf carts are fast!

One of the hikes we had was through an abandoned village and coal processing area. In the 1800's it was a larger town and more up to date (electricity and running water) than Banff. The Canadian Pacific Railroad needed a refueling point in this area of the Rockies and created the town of Bankhead. There was a coal mine, coal processing buildings, and houses for all of the workers. But in the early 1900's Canada decided that the National Parks should not be used for hunting, mining, or logging. So the town and huge coal processing buildings had to be moved or demolished. The mines entrances were plugged. All that is left are the concrete foundations from the buildings and one small building for viewing. There is a self-guided trail winding through the area. The trail is made of crushed coal. Some of the houses were moved to Banff. Now Banff is the largest town in the area.

Icefield Parkway - On the way to Banff.
Time to let the Bounder rest! We are passing over the highest (6,200 feet) of the two passes on the parkway. The climb was very steep coming from the Jasper.
You can see part of the Columbia Icefield on top of the mountain.

Downtown Banff. This town is much larger than Lake Louise or Jasper.
It even has traffic lights!

Two Jack Lake
One of the several lakes and trails which we got to see.

Hiking on the Bankhead History trail.
This was one of the trains which was used to take miners into the mine and bring out the coal. It's power system was compressed air. There were gases in the mine which would explode if the heat of a gas, diesel, or steam engine were used.

Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show
We had a great time eating and enjoying the music and singing.
These are only a few of the performers. The performers were also the waiters and waitresses. They only played songs which were written in Canada.

She played a great fiddle.

There are advantages to sitting next to the stage!
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