Banff National Park

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Part 2

Banff Springs Hotel

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The Banff Springs Hotel is a Canadian Pacific hotel. It is one of their best hotels. We spent a lot of time roaming the halls and looking into rooms.

Banff Springs Hotel
Our night out on the town. This hotel looks like a castle inside. Most of the hallways have side tables, chairs, mirrors, and vases from ages ago. Everything was very beautiful and very clean.

Before dinner we stopped at a lounge. This was the view from our table.
That is part of the golf course on the right and the Bow River in the center.
The white capped mountains are washed out in the picture.

Another great meal at a Canadian Pacific Hotel.

After dinner, Mom had to pick up her jacket.
We left her blazer at home, so she has to wear her green jacket.
The maitre d' thinks this is dressing up in New York!

Leaving Banff and heading for Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
This is taken through the windshield and part of my reflection is shown.
Notice the fencing along side the highway? In this part of the National Park both sides of the highway are fenced to keep the animals from getting hit by cars and trucks. They installed overpasses and underpasses just for the wildlife.
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