Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton, Alberta, Canada

Townsite Campground

Part 1

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Waterton Lakes NP and Glacier NP (which is in Montana) are the only international joined National Parks in the world. They are also, the only NP's which we are visiting this trip which we visited before (1987).

It is out of season now and many of the services (boats, canoes, guides...) and some of the stores and restaurants are closed. But everything we want to do (hiking and sightseeing) is available. Some trails are closed because of bear problems.

The Townsite Campground is in the NP as well as the very small town itself. The campground has about 12 mule deer which laze around all day long. During the day they are looking for handouts or just lay in the shade. The NP has a rule against feeding them, but many people do. The number of deer at least doubles in the evening and early morning. They really enjoy eating the green grass in the campground and keep it trimmed just right.

The cell phone did not work here, too many mountains. And no internet connections.

We had two sunny but cool and windy days. It made for good hiking.

We had a great campsite. Mountains can be seen all around.

7 AM and the grass cutting team is in action.

There were about 25 Mule Deers in the campground every morning.
They did a good job on the grass, but you had to watch where you were stepping!

Bighorn Sheep
As we were driving out of town to go hiking, these guys were on the way in.
Notice, they know enough to use the sidewalk and not walk in the street!
There were about 8 of them of various sizes and walking in a single file.
We only had time to picture these two as we were driving by.

The Prince Of Wales Hotel.
We ate here in 1987 and decided to see if the food improved!

The view at sunset from our dinner table in the Prince of Wales.
The campground is located just beyond the town on the right.
Some of the town's lights are just turning on.
We had a great view, but the service and food was not so good!
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