Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton, Alberta, Canada

Townsite Campground

Part 2

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We only like to hike 1 to 1.5 mile trails and with easy to medium stress. Waterton Lakes only had two or three of these which were near the campground.

As in past locations, we tend to hike 2 or 3 trails each day. We have seen a lot of nature on these hikes. They have been very interesting and enjoyable. We have lucked out with the weather for this whole trip. Most of our hiking has been in the sun!

The pictures which we have taken do not really show the whole story. I wish my camera had a 10:1 zoom. Many of the things we see do not show up with the camera.

The start of our hike up Red Rock Canyon.

The view after returning from Red Rock Canyon.

Mama bear and two cubs (one black and one brown).
While returning from the canyon hike we were driving on the lonely Red Rock Parkway (a very narrow 2 lane road with potholes) we noticed these black bears feeding on some berries near the road.
They are in high grass. Mama is sitting on the left. The black cub and brown cub are both standing. The brown cub is looking at us.

They decided it was time to leave as more and more cars started to stop.

Cameron Lake.
We had a nice hike around the lake. This is a view from the start where the boat and canoe rental are located.

Akamina Pass Trail.
Mom tried using a hiking pole on this trail. (She felt it was also a bear weapon.)
The trip up to the pass was fairly steep and loaded with droppings.
We can now recognize bear, deer and elk droppings. This will help us in Liverpool?
We are now returning and mom has the car insight.(notice the smile and fast gait?)
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