Glacier National Park

Saint Marys, Montana

Saint Marys KOA

Part 1

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We left Waterton Lakes early because we wanted to be in the US for 9-11. It was a nice drive through the mountains. When we passed into the US we had to show our ID and they came into the motorhome and looked in each room. Mom was glad that the bed was made!

The main road through the park is "Going to the Sun Road." There are many lakes and trails off the road. We only like to hike 1 to 1.5 mile trails and with easy to medium stress. We purchased a good book on short trails which contains maps and rated each trail.

As in past locations, we tend to hike 2 or 3 trails each day. We have seen a lot of nature on these hikes. They have been very interesting and enjoyable. We have lucked out with the weather for this whole trip. Most of our hiking has been in the sun!

The pictures which we have taken do not really show the whole story. I wish my camera had a 10:1 zoom. Many of the things we see do not show up with the camera.

Wild Goose Island in Saint Mary Lake.

End of Sun Point hike.
Mom looking at mountain peaks which are identified on the table in front of her. Saint Mary Lake is behind her.

These are some of the peaks which she was looking at.
Saint Mary Lake continues in the other direction.

On the trail to Baring Falls.
It follows the shoreline of Saint Mary Lake and is about 100 feet above the lake.

Black Bear
Just after Mom took the picture of me above, this bear came up from the lake and crossed over the trail behind Mom. It continued up the rock slide to a berry patch and sat there eating the berries.

Baring Falls.
The end of our hike to Baring Falls.

Johnson's Family Restaurant
This little roadside restaurant was just across the highway from our campground. They really had large servings and it was served family style. After a huge bowl of soup and homemade bread it was hard to continue, we were already stuffed.
We had the turkey special which included soup, salad, turkey/with dressing and mashed potatoes for $6.95. Mom even asked if desert came with the meal!
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