Glacier National Park

Saint Marys, Montana

Saint Marys KOA

Part 2

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The main road through the park is "Going to the Sun Road." It takes about 2 hours (without stops) to weave through the mountains. The road starts at about 3,500 feet in Saint Mary in the east, passes over Logan Pass at 6,680 feet and then descends to 3,000 feet at Apgar in the west. It is very narrow in spots, sharp drop-offs, tunnels, and spray from water falls. Vehicles over 21 feet are not allowed, so it was handy having the Saturn along.

Going to the Sun Road.
On the way up to Loagn Pass.

Mt. Reynolds (9,125 feet) at Logan Pass
If you look close at the picture, the Logan Pass Visitor Center is below the snow pack. Going to the Sun Road goes into a tunnel on the right side of the picture and passes to the right of Mt. Reynolds. There is a trail (Hidden Lake Trail) which leaves the visitor center and passes to the left of the snow pack on Mt. Reynolds.

Logan Pass (6,680 feet)
Continental Divide.

Heading to Highline Trail at Logan Pass.

On the Highline Trail
This trail is on the west side of the continental divide. You can see the road below which is going down the west side of the divide. I'm on the right side.

On the Highline Trail
You can see the safety cable which is used on this part of the trail.

One of the many Bighorn Sheep at Logan Pass.
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