Black Hills, South Dakota

Part 2

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Their were may animals in Custer State Park. Buffalo are only a part of the spread.

As we drove around the various roads in the park we captured some of the wildlife on picture.

On the main road out of the east side of the park there were turkeys on both sides of the road for about 2 miles. We had to stop for this flock as they crossed the road.

These two were happy eating until I stopped the car. They got so afraid, kept looking at the car, they ran into each other and knocked themselves over. This is where the got up and ran in opposite directions.

Pronghorn Antelope
These females were only part of a herd of about 20 which were laying on the side of the hill. They only let me walk so close and then ran off.

Pronghorn Antelope
This ram decided it was time to cross the road in front of our car.

These mules get fed from passing cars so they only beg on the Wildlife Loop Road.

Prairie Dog
This section of the park was loaded with Prairie Dogs.
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