Badlands National Park

Wall, South Dakota

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Wall Drugs is very famous. It got started as a small drug store in the town of Wall. There was nothing here and business was very poor. They watched the cars pass the town on their way to the Black Hills. Then one day the owners wife said that the people in the cars really looked dusty and tired. I bet they would like a glass of ice water. Signs were put up advertising "free ice water." Cars started to stop and while they were stopped they bought things. The rest is history. The store has grown and is the main business in Wall. Water and parking are advertised as being free.

The main cafe in town has a steamship round buffet for $7.99. It was so good we went two nights.

The Badlands consists of an upper prairie and a lower prairie. They are separated by a 60 mile long wall of peaks and buttes. Nothing grows on the peaks and buttes.

There are trails through and around the wall. It felt like we were walking on the moon when we were hiking.

While we were hiking the wind was blowing at 30 MPH with gusts to 45.

The famous Wall Drug Store
This hallway has many small shops.

Badlands National Park
This is what most of the wall looked like.

We are on the Door Trail. There are metal stakes in the ground to follow so you do not get lost.

This is the Door.
Notice the job that the wind is doing on Mom's hair.

Making our own trail on a dry riverbed.
It was just interesting. Every turn something different.

The 30 mile long road through the park ran along the wall, weaving between the upper and lower prairies.

This was a very different area. The yellow and rose colors are from a jungle which got flood by an ocean about 37 million years ago.
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