Heading for Home

Part 2

Buffalo & Rochester

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We spent 3 nights at the Niagara Falls KOA on Grand Island.

We met Carloyn and Luke at the Anchor Bar to get our fill of Buffalo Wings.
We haven't had any Buffalo Wings since we started on our trip! For some reason, this just seems to be a eastern delicacy. I had a picture of Carloyn and Luke outside the Anchor Bar but lost it.

The second night we had a great dinner at Carloyn's parents house. We had a very pleasant evening talking with them and looking at their house, furnishings and surroundings. Mom even got to raid the garden!

The third night we went to a restaurant just down the street from Luke & Carloyn's apartment. Nektars restaurant has an outstanding menu. The menu and service ranks up there with Pascales.

After leaving Buffalo we headed for Rochester where we visited Sarah at Rochester Institute of Technology. We should have stayed longer. We did not have the opportunity to meet her room mate or see any of the school. We did go out to a very nice restaurant!

Since we started our trip we have been asked the same question many times.

"Out of all the places you visited, which is your favorite?"

The sights which we have seen have been so varied and different that it is impossible to pick one. However:
  • We did not visit a location which we wished we would have passed instead.
  • There are some places which we were glad we visited, but feel we would not return.
  • There were many places we visited and now feel we should have spent more time there and really would like to go back.
It boils down to:
This is a great and awesome land we live in, and we are very lucky to be able to move around so freely and see it. And thank God that Mom and I are able to!
We also met some very nice people along the way.
99% of the residents who we talked to were not born in that location but migrated there, and they feel it is the best location they ever lived in!

The home of the Buffalo Wing.

Sarah's room at RIT.
Have we come full circle???
This room looked alot like her mother Sue's room at RIT... just a few years ago!

After a great dinner at one of the historic restaurants in Rochester.

Even after a good meal at a good restaurant, we could not pass Krispy Kreme!
Sarah getting ready to deliver donuts to her dorm floor.

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